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Find Seclussion

23 min. guided mindfulness meditation


Find Seclusion

23 min. guided meditation

Find Seclusion. Put aside time and space. Put aside love and hate.


"... here a bhikkhu, gone to the wilderness, to the shade of a tree or an empty hut, sits down cross legged with body straight and establishes mindfulness."
- Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta


When we meditate we find seclusion within ourselves. We are alone with our mind and body.  This seclusion can be cultivated in the heart of a city  at home or in the sala or zendo. Seclusion is presence. Seclusion offers us a platform for letting go, to see our experience for what it is free of the hindrances of time and space and love and hate; of past, present and future.

Once there we can observe the process of dependent origination, the cause of our suffering, the creation of karma, the impermanent nature of all matter and phenomena and the empty nature of self.


Nothing to do, nothing to be, nothing to know.


Breathe in.

Breathe out.


Listen, don’t listen.


Find seclusion.


Delight is seclusion.

Delight it being alone.

Delight in mind and body.

Delight in this moment.


Put aside time and space.

Put aside love and hate.


Put aside people places and things.

Put aside past present and future.

Put aside preference.


Put aside birth and death.

Put aside ignorance.

Put aside formation.

Put aside consciousness.

Put aside name and form.

Put aside sensation.

Put aside contact.

Put aside feeling.

Put aside craving.

Put aside clinging.

Put aside becoming.


With the cessation of becoming

comes the cessation of clinging.

With the cessation of clinging

the cessation of craving,

With the the cessation of craving

the cessation of feeling.

With the cessation of feeling

the cessation of contact.

With the cessation of contact

the cessation of sensation.

With the cessation of sensation

the cessation of name and form.

With the cessation of name and form

the cessation of consciousness.

With the cessation of consciousness

the cessation of formation.

With the cessation of formation

the cessation of ignorance.

With the cessation to ignorance

yhe cessation of the cycle of birth and death.


Impermanent, inconstant and unreliable clinging arises dependent on self — body and mind — material formation, feeling, perception, mental formation and consciousness.


Painful, stressful and unsatisfactory self arises and passes away dependent on the senses — sight, sound, smell, taste, tactile sensation and thought.


Empty of intrinsic nature the senses arises and pass away dependent on contact — internal and external; material and mental — seer and seen; hearer and heard; smeller and smelled; taster and tasted; feeler and felt; thinker and thought.


Not I, not mine, not my eternal soul contact arises and passes away dependent on form — matter and phenomena — earth, water, fire and air.


Interdependent, interconnected and interrelated forms arises dependent on form.


Radiant luminous and spontaneous

form is emptiness, emptiness is form.


Time and space are form.

Love and hate are form.

People places and things are form.

Past present and future are form.

Preference is form.


Seclusion is form.

Presence is form.

Dispassion is form.


Choose seclusion.

Choose presence.

Choose dispassion.


Choose freedom.


This is dukkha.

This is dharma.

This is free.


May all beings be free.

May all beings be happy, peaceful, safe and free.

Free of pain and suffering.

Free of fear.

All beings are heirs of their own actions.

May all beings live with ease.


This guided meditation is intended to help deliver meditative peace, ease and openness while embedding basic mindfulness techniques and the fundamentals of Buddhist psychology and cosmology.


The first instruction is always breathe in and breathe out. The second is listen don't listen. When in doubt stay with your breath. Words are secondary.


Meditation is the beating heart of Buddhism.

Daily practice brings the dharma alive and frees it up to land in our body and permeate our householder life.

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