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Find Seclusion

guided meditation


Find Seclusion. Put aside time and space. Put aside love and hate.

"... here a bhikkhu, gone to the wilderness, to the shade of a tree or an empty hut, sits down cross legged with body straight and establishes mindfulness."
- Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta

Find Seclusion

23 min. guided meditation

When we meditate we find seclusion within ourselves. We are alone with our mind and body.  This seclusion can be cultivated in the heart of a city, at home or in the sala or zendo. Seclusion is presence. Seclusion offers us a platform for letting go, to see our experience for what it is: free of the hindrances of time and space and love and hate; of past, present and future.

Once there, we can observe the process of dependent origination, the cause of our suffering, the creation of karma, the impermanent nature of all matter and phenomena and the empty nature of self.


Nothing to do, nothing to be, nothing to know.


These guided meditations are intended to help deliver meditative peace, ease and openness while embedding basic mindfulness techniques as well as the fundamentals of Buddhist psychology and cosmology.


The first instruction is always breathe in and breathe out. The second is listen don't listen. When in doubt stay with your breath. Words are secondary.


Meditation is the beating heart of Buddhism.

Daily practice brings the dharma alive and frees it up to land in our body and permeate our householder life.

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